World Cup 2018 predictions

While my four-month old son is sleeping I thought I’d use this time to make a note of what I think will happen at Russia 2018.

In terms of predicting a winner, I’m considering a few things.

Firstly, no South American team has won a world cup when it’s held in Europe – and since no African team has won one, ever, I’m guessing the winner will be a European nation.

I’ve discounted Germany, possibly stupidly, on account that teams don’t tend to win back-to-back world cups.

So, with the likes of Brazil, Argentina and Germany out of the picture, who’s left?

Well, I’m certainly not considering England.

As European champions, I’d be silly to totally ignore Portugal… but I will be. They bored the arse off me two years ago and boredom has never won any nation a world cup before.

Even though Belgium have a golden generation I still only see them as dark horses. Potential semi-finalists in my book, at best.

I’m thinking it’ll come down to Spain or France.

Spain have been rebuilding and that’s where my money was until they sacked their head coach on the eve of the tournament.

And while I’m far from convinced that Didier Deschamps is a great coach, I think France have it in them to go all the way.

Although I don’t fancy them to win the whole thing, one team I’ll be keeping my eye on is Denmark.

There’s always one team that exceeds expectations and makes the semis, and I really think this could be the Danes – although I’m basing this mostly on their performance against Wales in the play-off qualifier.

My predictions

Winners: France

Runners-up: Spain

Surprise package: Denmark

England exit: Last 16


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